Why Is Cleansing Your Skin In the Morning Important?

Oneofakind Admin
25 Mar , 2021

Why is Cleansing Your Skin Important In the Morning?

Possibly one of, if not the most underrated yet most important skincare practise ever! Simply put, the benefits are endless but let's strip it back to why! So in the simplest terms, your pillow case is literally absorbing your sweat, particles from your skin and hair, salvia and makeup if you haven't cleansed the night before well it spells disaster and I mean major breakouts. Can you imagine all of that bacteria and dirt just having a party for 6-8 hours a night on your face.

But seriously, you are basically bathing in dirt... okay I think I have set the visual here. So It is recommended that every morning  wash and cleanse your face with a good cleanser to remove any of those nasty oils and bacteria that you gathered during your sleep! (cough cough our Vegan Milk Cleanser will do the trick from our Vegan Skincare Range). I find this daily practise also helps me mentally prepare for the day ahead, it literally is a giving you a clean slate to work with, applying a moisturiser straight after also increases the benefits and allows your makeup to seamlessly glide on and give that glowy finish!

An extract from an article from Instyle explains this beautifully , “According to Cosmetic Dermatologists, the nighttime cleansing removes dirt, debris, environmental pollutants, makeup and excess oil from a busy day, whilst the morning cleanse helps keep your skin fresh and hydrated” But also the daytime or morning cleanse is just as important for three main reasons:

- Removes Unwanted Skin particles, for instance the bacteria and the yucky particles from your pillow and sheets! 

- Removes Skin Oils- You sweat at night this naturally happens and whilst you may not wakeup up sweaty but your face would have sweat particles on it. Therefore, cleansing in the morning removes all those skin producing oils allowing your skin to absorb your favourite moisturiser better and giving you an ability to apply makeup smoothly.

- If you want "glowy skin" you need to cleanse and moisturise babe! In the Morning! Cleansing boosts hydration and gives you a clean base to apply a moisturiser, both in turn give you the appearance of plumper and more radiant skin.

So, that's that folks it has been settled cleansing in the morning is crucial if not the most important skincare practise ever! To be totally honest, as someone who is obsessed with skin I can always tell if someone has used a cleanser in the morning! Think about it, you can tell too!

We have an amazing Vegan Milk Cleanser and an amazing Superfood Moisturiser that is targeted for hydration! We use Organic Ingredients and only the best of the best in our products that's our promise! Skincare that is kind to you, the environment and the world! Cruelty Free, Vegan, Environmentally Conscious and Australian Made. 

Love and Light!



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