The Kind Project is a little a passion project that ties into our business! Our whole core value as a business is to be kind, that is being kind to yourself as an individual, being kind to the environment and being kind to the world. We believe that when these principles are met, we have  inner happiness which will exert outer happiness which is better for everyone and everything. 

 How are these principles achieved?


- Being kind to yourself: This involves fostering a good relationship with the self and the mind, taking time out for self care, nourishing the body with healthy and wholesome food as well as ensuring our products that we apply on our skin is also clean and kind.

 - Being kind to the environment: We achieve this by ensuring our products are environmentally conscious, sustainable ingredients and packaging is minimal, biodegradable and recyclable.

 - Being kind to the world:  Involves our impact on the greater community and the world. We have chosen to be conscious of that by donating to a different charity each month. This means 12 individual charities in a YEAR!

 Since opening our business in June 2020 last year we have managed to help 12 Charities! This is something we are extremely proud of and will continue to do despite the challenges we face sometimes running and managing a small business. 

These are the following charities we have supported in our short time thus far:

1. Syrian Women and Orphans- Women Run Organisation 

2. Uyghur Refugee Appeal run by the MAA International

3. Sadaqa Welfare Fund Beirut Emergency Relief

4. The Orangutan Project - Plant a Forest

5. Fight like a Noonie - Mother Run foundation to help support children with cancer

6. Meat for Syrians and Palestinians run by MAA International

7. Celebrating people with Disability by the MATW project

8. Children's Cancer Foundation - A family run charity helping children with childhood cancer and their families. 

9. Women's Community Shelters Australia- helping women living refuges due domestic violence and homelessness.

10. Gift a Smile- Mother run charity helping children with severe illnesses and children and families with special needs!

 11.Crisis Accomodation with helping individuals who have been impacted by homelessness and domestic violence.

12. @Cure4Cysticfibrosis helping find a cure for this long term illness -

Why we believe it is important to support small and local charities!

We carefully choose a charity every month, based on a few factors, what kind of work they do, how they are supporting people who may be disadvantaged and their impact on the environment and the world. We like to support small charities as we believe this helps bring awareness to important issues that they may be supporting as well as support small charities as they are sometimes overlooked. Charity work is selfless and challenging so supporting as many as possible is a vision we hope to achieve.

Kindness is something we all have in our hearts, we choose to live by it and bring that to the business! We want you to feel assured that when you purchase a product from One of a Kind you are benefiting yourself, the environment and the world!

 The Kind Project Plan for 2022 

In 2021, we raised over $2500 for local charities in our first year, we supported over 12 charities varying in different missions and projects, helping children with cancer, helping projects supporting countries dealing with war and famine and the highlight was supporting Cure 4 Cystic Fibrosis. This year we want to continue our efforts in helping local charities and supporting local communities but we have a different plan this year. In 2022 we would like to donate $1 from every sale towards a local charity, we want to support a different charity every three months as this will allow us to raise significant funds as well as allow us to also spread awareness about the cause and charity. Giving back to the community is at the forefront of our minds, it is a sincere act of service that we love to be apart of. We can't wait to support the different local charities this year.

Charities Supported in 2022

- Prader Willi Research Foundation

- Women's Community Shelters

- Cure For Cystic Fibrosis 

The Kind Project Plan for 2023

After much thought and consideration we have decided that for 2023 proceeds from sales will go to MAA to support important projects. 

We will still be participating in the D-Day Event hosted by Cure Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to support those living with Cystic Fibrosis.