What To Do When You Get A Pimple!

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30 Mar , 2021

What To Do When You Get a Pimple!

Oh that dreaded pimple, the itchiness, the oncoming redness and soreness. I know how it goes too well. Even in my early 30's I am still experiencing these dreaded little terrors that come and ruin my day/week even. So with my experience with these miniature volcanoes and many of my friends. I have taken it upon myself to do all the research to find out why we get pimples and the best ways to stop them in their tracks when they do come about. Let's delve in, shall we!

Why Do Women Past their Teenage Years Get Pimples?

So apparently, you can still get pimples and acne way past the years where puberty naturally happens, acne can still cause havoc in the women's lives even up to the ages of 50! I guess we need to change our mindset about acne only being for teenagers as clearly this is not the case and maybe just maybe we acne should be normalised. So many women are currently experiencing issues with pimples and acne daily and they are not in their teenage years!

Why does it happen?

    • Hormone fluctuations: Your hormones have the biggest impact on your skin and it's reactions. Hormonal fluctuations that occur during menstruation, pregnancy, contraception and menopause can effect the oil production by the skin and the skin's reactions.
    • Genetics: Check out your siblings do they have acne if they do you are more likely to have them too! 
    • Cosmetics: Using your using foundations, sunscreens, hairsprays or products that contain heavy oils or perfumes it will cause acne as these kinds of products clog your pores. Also using skincare products that contain fragrances and harmful chemicals can also cause breakouts and acne. 
    • Smoking: I believe this is an obvious one as air pollutants naturally cause acne, so having a cigarette in such close proximity can also be a factor in causing acne and skin reactions.
    • Diet: Not drinking enough water, eating high processed foods, saturated fats, trans fats and diary products can cause acne.
    • Stress: The obvious one and the one we always hear as busy women is, STRESS causes acne as it is playing with your hormones causing an increase in oil production which can then along with other aforementioned factors cause ACNE.

What to do When You do Get a Breakout?

Obviously I am not a dermatologist or a doctor of any sort but these are some  ways I have been able to help with my own breakouts as well as things I have learnt along the way through my research on this topic!

- Have a shower and cleanse your face, the steam and water from the shower really helps soften and bring those pimples out to popping stages or at least calm it down.

- If you haven't already, exfoliate with a good scrub that has sea salt or something grainy, to deep clean and remove dead skin and bacteria. 

- Use Tea Tree Essential Oil, The Doterra one is the absolute best and remember to dilute it if your skin is sensitive.

- Change your pillow case because you don't want the nasty bacteria from the days before to rub on your face.

- Have regular facials at a facial/spa Clinic to help maintain your skin and keep it fresh!

- Be consistent with your skincare, it is so important, cleanse, tone, serum and moisturise! Consistency will keep your skin hydrated and decrease bacteria and oils being on your face! 

-Monitor the food you eat as some foods can trigger a flare up for me sadly its chocolate and gluten!

- If you have cystic acne, so usually its so painful and feels like a giant lump under the skin, and is ongoing breakouts in one area, it is best to see your doctor as you will require medication.

I hope that helps keep you pimple free!

Love and Light, 



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