Looking After Your Skin In your Late Twenties!

Oneofakind Admin
18 Mar , 2021

Looking After Your Skin In Your Late Twenties!

So you had a couple of breakups, a couple of kids, spent hours in the sun, ate some pretty delicious food not so healthy but made some good memories, forgot sunscreen, used some moisturiser you found in the supermarket, I guess this can all happen at once but that's a lot to take in one hit (no judgements here though it's a safe space). But what I found when I hit my late 20's was that my skin got tired, breaking out all the time, dry, dull and what was worse it looked tired ALL THE TIME! 

The funny thing was I was not alone, so many of my friends were going through the exact same thing, our skin was ageing and the products and all the elements stated above well you get the picture just made our skin worse! The funniest thing I heard from my friend was "I am now worrying about adult acne and wrinkles" who would have thought we would be worrying about the same thing at the same time!

I found that time and time again I never found products that actually catered to me, you know the chick that's in her late twenties about to hit the big three O! I mean seriously nothing out there that can help me maintain a good skincare regiment. Everything was targeted for teens with insane breakouts or older women with wrinkles! It lead me singing .... "what about me" so here I am, bringing you a product designed JUST FOR YOU!

Being in your late 20's, early, mid 30's and beyond means that our skin has gone through a lot in a short space of time, some women would have had some babies, the ongoing hormonal changes, the growth and elcascity in our skin also changes so with that comes tiredness, ageing and dryness. 

Hydration is key, both internally and externally! Drinking lots of water each day is vital to keep flushing out those toxins we are consuming no matter how healthy and organic we try to be, it is a given that we will run into some pollutants in out day to day! According to Health Line https://www.healthline.com our bodies are made up of 60 percent water but we can easily be dehydrated from just moving, exercising, drinking coffee and all! So drinking water helps replenish and restore our water levels which helps avoid getting those pesky headaches as well as other symptoms such as .... tired and dry skin! 

Hydration for our skin is also important moisturising daily with skin loving ingredients is so VITAL!  And most importantly it makes such a difference in the long run! Hydrating dry skin is so important as people with dry skin are more likely to experience wrinkles sooner. and yet when you think about it people with tired and dry skin are also more vulnerable to external factors such as the environment because they do not have an effective shield to protect it. Therefore, people with dry/tired skin need deeply nourishing products to provide that intensive moisture and preserve the skin!

Our Vegan Skincare Range does just that! It is made for YOU! to Hydrate you, nourish and help your tired and dull skin! Our natural and organic ingredients found in our products help make sure that you are getting the best of the best for your beautiful face! Check them out here https://www.oneofakindskin.com.au

Hydration is really the foundation of everything when you think about it! Water is essential and hydration is essential for growth in everything in life really so that is something to ponder!

Love and Light, 



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