What Is The Go With Collagen?

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23 Jun , 2021

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What Is The Go With Collagen?

You have probably heard about Collagen or at least have seen supplements floating around on shelves in chemists and health stores but what do they really do and why should we be taking them.

As you know as you age, especially hitting the 30 mark you start to see your skin changing and let's just say the difference is significant. I know I have seen major differences in my skin, its just not as tight as it used to be. 

This is where collagen comes into play and it's probably why you are hearing a lot more about it. With the ever growing health conscious world we live in and everyones' fear of ageing and wrinkles more people are using collagen to increase their intake.

What is Collagen? 

Collagen is an important protein in your body and accounts for about one-third of it's protein composition. It is one of the major building blocks of bones, skin, muscles, ligaments and tendons. You can also find collagen in eyes and teeth. It is such an important part of our overall body and health and is basically the glue because it holds all these parts together.

So basically as you age,  your body starts to produce less and the quality of collagen it produces is greatly reduced. One of the visible skins of this is in your skin, which becomes less firm and supple and this continues to get worse with age.

Where can you get Collagen from Natural Sources!

- A rich source of Collagen can be found in Chicken and you can get a good source of collagen from Bone Broth, which is made by boiling bones of chickens and other animals such as beef. 

 - You can also find Collagen in the skin of fish so consuming fish can also help boost your collagen levels up. 

- If you find these foods hard to consume regulary it is probably worth looking into getting a supplement either in tablet or powder form to help increase those collagen levels.

The Takeaway and Final Benefits of Collagen:

 - Muscle Mass- helps increase and maintain muscle mass. 

 - Arthritis- taking a collagen supplement may play a role in decreasing     development and progression of arthritis.

- Skin elasticity- Helps improve the skin as well as minimising lines and wrinkles as well as help firm the skin.

So the takeaway is, taking a collagen supplement or increasing your collagen intake has so many benefits and is something worth looking into especially if you have entered your 30s.

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Note* Please consult your doctor or health professional before taking any supplements, this is just general advice and information. It is advised to do your own research as all our bodies are different and have different requirements. 

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