Getting through another lockdown and all the feels!

Oneofakind Admin
17 Jul , 2021

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How to maximise our time in lockdown is something I have been grappling with the last three weeks. When you first hear that a lockdown will happen you are struck with so much emotion, its fear, sadness, loss, confusion and uncertainty. You tell yourself you will be okay and things will pass but deep down you kind of doubt it a lot, you just don't have time frame to know when this will pass. I can't imagine anyone not feeling the emotions that come with knowing your routine and everything you know has been taken away even if its for a brief and unknown timeframe.

After the wave of emotions that pass slowly, you go through the stages of grief and it is grieving (you are losing a routine, the known and the certainty so its okay to feel loss and confused at first). Acknowledge these emotions be gentle with yourself, ride the wave and write down some goals you want to achieve. This is the only thing you can control I tell myself, how I come out of lockdown is in my control, I can either come out a total mess or stronger and more equipped then ever.

I don't have the answers, and I am taking things day by day, but from what I have read about surviving lockdown from people living in Melbourne who have gone through now their 5th lockdown, this is my takeaway and something I am implementing to adapt to this new normal. 

- Start your day with gratitude, remembrance of your creator, the love that surrounds you and all that you have to look forward to.

- The habits you had before such as exercising, coffee breaks and lunch times try to keep them the same. This will help with adapting to the new way of life.

- Create a to do list that includes all the things you need and want to tick off throughout the day but also add something small you want to achieve for yourself, this is your moment of self care, it can be as small as doing a small 5 min meditation, online yoga class or even going for a walk. Ticking something off its so rewarding and will instantly make you feel like you have achieved something. 

- If you wear makeup then your skin will love a break from not wearing makeup or wearing less. So use this time to almost detox your skin from makeup wearing and embrace your natural skin.

- Taking time to pamper your skin and yourself by using amazing and natural skincare products daily will also allow you feel equipped and ready for the day, also allowing you to come out of this lockdown with radiant skin.

- Eat well, focusing on the idea of nourishing your body with good, wholesome and nourishing food will keep your mind and body focused and clear. Also, don't forget water and keeping your water intake steady and high. 

- Keep positive affirmations and thoughts, but its okay to feel what your feeling whether that is sadness, anger, confusion and loss, acknowledge the feelings without judgment and move on, focus on the what you can control.

- Use this time to GROW, read, nourish, move and create. Come out of this situation stranger than ever. 

- Even though you may not feel like talking to anyone keep in contact with loved ones, because it will help. You are not alone.

I think that sums up, all the points that we can do to help this situation, the reality is, it is hard, so so hard and challenging so its okay if you don't want to do anything either, acknowledge the feelings and work on whatever is on your mind, nothing is permanent in this life.

Some quotes that will help you through, 

- " Nothing is permanent in this wicked world, not even our troubles" Charlie Chapman

- "Patience is the key to joy" Rumi

- "Lovely days don't come to you, you have to walk to them" Rumi

Sending you all love and prayers to get through this difficult and challenging time. 


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