Is Skincare Self Care!

Oneofakind Admin
10 Jun , 2021

Is Skincare Self Care!

It really depends what you consider to be "Self Care" but whatever it is, it is a moment to look after yourself and take some time out for you! In the past, self care to me was defined by getting your nails done or spending a lot of money on a shopping spree, but it can be truly simple and inexpensive moments that you can do daily to keep your mindset and perspective positive and to look after your wellbeing! 

However, for me and many other women Skincare can be define as Self Care, just taking out a moment in the morning to cleanse and moisturise after brushing your teeth can really help set you up for the day, giving you and your skin and mind some motivation and energy! It really has become something I look forward to! Following up with eating a nourishing breakfast, writing up a to do list and just saying three affirmations to yourself before you commence your daily routine can all be classified as self care! 

The night time routine can be a real time to really look after your skin, cleansing your face twice to remove the "day" but also using the toner, serum and massaging your face with a moisturiser or with a Rose Quartz Stone, can really feel refreshing an help soothe and calm you mentally and physically from a long and stressful day. I always end the day with prayer, gratitude and reading a book this is what I believe to be true self care, inexpensive, beneficial and good for the soul.

Things you can do look after your Self! That goes beyond what we have traditionally thought to be self care aka getting your nails done and spending money!

- Invest in a good vegan and clean skincare regime!

- Practice gratitude daily, daily affirmations, prayer and reflection!

- Eat nourishing food, make your health a priority!

- Read, read and read! Focus on growth and learning when you do so you realise you don't have time for drama and focus solely on bettering yourself!

- Exercising can be classified as self care, your looking after your body, mind and releasing all the tension!

- Incorporating Yoga and Stretching can really help look after your body and mind. 

- Just loving and cherishing those around you!

So there you have it, skincare can be classified as self care and it really is one of the many things you can do to have a moment to yourself and help enrich your life and grow emotionally, physically and mentally along with many other little things you can do for yourself! Find those little self care moments in the day!

Love and Light, 



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