The Clean and Conscious Awards!

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03 Nov , 2021
Press Release from the Clean and Conscious Awards

The Gold, Silver and Bronze winners of the Clean + Conscious Awards 2021 have  been announced. Over 250 exceptional products have been awarded across the  categories of Skincare, Makeup, Body, Baby, Kids, Home, Zero Waste, Fashion, Food  & Drink and Fitness. 

The Clean + Conscious Awards celebrate exceptional products that work in perfect harmony  with our bodies, our environment and our society. Now running in their third year, the Awards  celebrate exceptional products that are safe / non-toxic, ethical, sustainable and socially  responsible. 

All finalist products have been scientifically researched and scrutinised by Awards Founder  and Head of Research and Education, Emily Fletcher, while each finalist product has been  hands-on reviewed by a panel of 45 industry experts. The Clean + Conscious 2021 Expert  

Panel is made up of eco-leaders, beauty experts, editors, changemakers and influencers.  The panel includes Sarah Berry of the Sydney Morning Herald / The Age, Beauticate  founder Sigourney Cantelo, ethical fashion blogger Brittney Dreghorn (of Britt’s List), First  Nations Director of Groundswell Giving, Lille Madden, and many more. The Expert Panel is  diverse and inclusive of disability and First Nations communities. 

Founded as the Australian Non-Toxic Awards back in 2019, the Awards are the brainchild of  blogger, mother and practising Optometrist Emily Fletcher, who founded the Awards when  she identified the need to celebrate safe and socially responsible products. Emily, who is  also the Head of Research and Education at the Awards, says, “We are thrilled to announce  the winners of the Clean + Conscious Awards 2021. Since the inception of the Awards back  in 2019, we have noticed great change. More and more brands are working hard to produce  products that are healthier for their customers, kinder to our planet and beneficial to local  and global communities,” says Emily. 

The Awards, which are 100% independent and unaffiliated with any brands, corporations or  media organisations, are free of sponsorship and advertising, ensuring a fair judging  process. “By running these fair, transparent and non-biased Awards, we are providing  consumers with a trustworthy resource where they can discover products verified to be both  clean and conscious,” says Emily.“In our directory, you’ll discover honest information on  each product’s ingredients or materials, further information on how each product is ethical,  sustainable and responsible, and hands-on product reviews from our Expert Panel.”

To view the full list of 2021 winners, please visit

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