All Things Fitness! Chats with a Personal Trainer!

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07 Oct , 2021
14 weeks in lockdown has meant that we have had to find ways to be creative in how we stay active and fit. Most of us living in NSW and Melbourne have been enjoying our daily walks but staying active has been somewhat of a challenge especially with homeschooling and if you have an office job. We chatted with a lovely lady and you may know her from her skateboarding videos @ptwithmya we talked all things fitness, how she become a personal trainer and how to incorporate fitness into daily life.
1. Tell us a little about yourself and how you became a personal trainer?
My name is Mya and I’m a mum of two kids, personal trainer coach and mentor. Growing up I was a bit of a Tom boy and I loved sports but because I grew up on the beaches I never thought I could pursue a career in sports or physically movement because I was visibly Muslim. When my kids were younger (they less than 2 years apart) , the routine was pretty much feed them bath them change them take them out for a play etc.
At this stage I felt like I needed something more. One day while walking to the shops I pass an all ladies gym, no lifts and two young kids I climbed the stairs to the top floor. After meeting the owner who is the loveliest person and looking around I somewhat was drawn to her and this gym and sign up straight away. After doing consistent exercise for less than a year it inspired me to make the choice of becoming a fitness instructor 7 years ago and two years ago I upgraded from a Certificate to a Diploma.
2. Why is fitness so important to our physical and mental health?
Fitness is both important for physical and mental health. There are many benefits that have proven this and some are: physically - improves lung and heart function - maintain or reach healthy weight - strengthens joints, muscles and bones and allows you sleep better. Mentally - boost happy hormones- reduces stress- helps with anxiety and depression and improves your self confidence.
3. How can we incorporate fitness into our daily lives?
To incorporate fitness or movement in our daily live doesn’t need to be hard. If you wanted to start your fitness journey and don’t know where to start go for walks and light jogging. Dedicate 30-45mins of your day to movement to keep it exciting change it up, maybe strength training one day and cardio the next and the following day could be yoga and stretching. Do something you like and enjoy and it all comes down to personal preference.
4. What is your favourite type of workout or activity?
My favourite type of workout would definitely be strength training I have always loved weights and how empowering it makes me feel. Recently this lockdown I have found a new sport. I have taken up skateboarding and I’m absolutely loving it, prior to this I’ve never touch a skateboard so basically starting a new skill is intimidating but I’m loving the process and journey so far. (Ok maybe not the falling bit).
How have you been staying active throughout the lockdown? Have you been able to create a routine for yourself, it is never too late to start a fitness journey or in some cases restart! I really like the way @ptwithmya mentioned that we just need to do an activity that we enjoy, I find that so perfect, because whatever you enjoy you will be able to sustain it and make it into a habit, which often leads to results and success. Do check out @ptwithmya instagram handle her posts are always very inspiring and she shares some insightful fitness tips. Looking forward to stepping into a gym and exercising once more hopefully by next week! Yay for NSW!

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