How to Create the Perfect PostPartum Hamper

Oneofakind Admin
01 Dec , 2021

After going through a few pregnancies and labours the one thing that meant so much to me was a carefully put together care package that showed kindness and compassion to me as a new mum. Hold up, I never got that! But wished I did, see thats the one thing we tend to forget to do, we get so carried away with baby gifts we forget the new mum or looking after the new mum. 

So I have noted things down that I think create the perfect postpartum gift or hamper for a special mum! An eco-friendly, clean and low tox hamper of goodness!

These are the TOP Essential items needed for the Perfect Postpartum Hamper!

1: Herbal Tea

We recommend finding a herbal tea blend that is specifically made for a new mum, to help with healing, recovery and relaxation. We love the Pukka Range more particularly the Motherkind Baby herbal tea bags, they contain Turmeric and Fennel which are amazing for helping nourish and heal a new mum.

2: Lactation Cookies

We love Franjoes Lactation Cookies, they are delicious and nutritious made with organic ingredients, our favourite is the Choc-Chip Tanker Topper. Always a win with any new mum! These lactation cookies contain essential vitamins, minerals and good fats to help give a beautiful new mum energy as well as galactagogues ingredients which create magic and support a healthy milk supply.

3: PANA Chocolate 

Because your girl needs chocolate! Pana Chocolate delivers smooth delicious chocolatey taste without the nasty ingredients that can be found in other chocolates. The best part PANA chocolate is organic, cold pressed, vegan and sustainably sourced. So we like to add these to our postpartum hampers because it is a sweet treat that is also sweet in so many special ways.

4. Cold Pressed Soap Bars

Cold Pressed Soap Bars are a lovely way to add a natural way to cleanse and exfoliate. We like to add three soaps to give the special mum some variety of scents, we love to add Rose Clay as it contains Rose Geranium, a Body Scrub Soap Bar because its a great way to exfoliate naturally as well as a Fresh Citrus Soap because it is refreshing and invigorating. Check out our range of Cold Pressed Soap Bars Here!

5. Natural Sisal Soap Saver Bag

Adding a Natural Sisal Soap Saver bag is a perfect way to compliment the cold pressed soap bars you have added to the hamper, the sisal soap saver bag is a natural way to exfoliate in the bath or shower, simply insert the soap bar into the sisal soap saver bag and use accordingly, using a sisal soap saver bag also helps increase the longevity of the soap bar. So it's a definite must have in your postpartum hamper!  The best part, it is eco-friendly and is bio-degradable!

6. Superfood Moisturiser

The Superfood Moisturiser is a perfect way for a new mum to keep her skin moisturised and feel the sense of self- care and love. The luxurious scent of Rose Geranium and White Grapefruit will nourish and calm her as well as the light-weight formula is easy to apply and super absorbent. Check it out here we always add the Superfood Moisturiser to our postpartum hampers as they are our best-seller and have won Bronze in the Clean and Conscious Awards!

Your postpartum hamper is complete now, ready to be delivered to a special mum that requires those tender moments of self-care in such a vulnerable and transformative time in her life.

If you are down on time and would like this hamper created for you, we can certainly do that! Just email our team and we will be in-touch! 


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