My Honest Review of the Orchard St. Three Day Cleanse!

Oneofakind Admin
10 Dec , 2021

So after seeing a couple of people on Instagram complete juice cleanses, I was really intrigued so I started researching the benefits, as someone who suffers with constant bloating and gut issues, completing a juice cleanse seems like it is the key and can possibly reset my gut, help my skin, less bloating, overall increase in energy and lightness. So I checked out Orchard St. Their values, juice cleanses and service appealed to me greatly so I placed my order for the "Purist" 3 day cleanse worth $255 excluding shipping, I placed the order Sunday afternoon and received my juices the next day, very beautifully packaged, came with everything I needed to complete the cleanse even a lemon!

The Juices: 

There are 6 different juices, for the 3 day cleanse thats 18 juices altogether, they are incredibly impressive, high quality, organic, cold pressed and jam packed to the brim in glass jars with nourishing, dense and powerful ingredients, they are really cold pressed juices taken to another level.

 Check out the Juices and the ingredients here

Day One:
I woke up starving and hungry which is a normal for me, had my lemon water which is what is recommended before starting the juices, about an half an hour later I started drinking Shanti, I was super impressed, very delicious smooth taste, so filling I felt so full for a couple of hours, It was kind of uncomfortable full feeling, which is what usually happens to me after I have a smoothie, but very filling which is what I assume to be great preparation for the day ahead of no food!
I went to my HiTT class and completed my workout, I didn't feel different to any other day, then went home and has Purify and a handful of cashews, the juice is a very interesting taste, the ginger and Cayenne is strong tasting but it felt like my body needed those strong ingredients which are amazing for immunity. At this point I still felt energised and buzzed, the ginger in the drink also helped me feel even more energised.
About two hours later I had my first green juice, I think this was my least favourite drink, it tasted like a straight up green juice with nothing sweet.
But the bottles has little messages on the sides about what the juice does to the body and I could feel this juice is what I needed at that time so I drank it.
Around 3.30pm the fatigue and headache hit, this is where I had a Loco Love chocolate and drank my Unearthed juice, I really liked this one, wow so good and refreshing, not green just yummy and sweet again what my body and mind needed at the time.
I missed the Detox Tea juice as I was out and was busy, so when I got home I had Peace Milk and two dates, I think this one was my favourite, I would say the fatigue at this point is strong, I was low on energy and just completely exhausted. My stomach feels full but isn't painful like other days, there isn't bloating or discomfort just a full feeling, at this point so 7pm I started questioning why I am doing the cleanse, whether this is all just good marketing, but I took some breaths and remembered I do feel more nourished, stomach feels better and overall looking forward to completing the next two days.
Favourite Juice so far, I think Unearthed and Peace Milk are my two favourites, so calming and perfect!
Day 2:
Wow, I woke up with a major migraine, it was intense I guess that was a way for my body to detox and to give me a sign that hey your doing the right thing keep going! Even though my head was pounding my stomach felt light, clean and refreshed, this feeling alone is what kept me going. I did take a Nurofen (which I know defeats the purpose) but that is because I cannot cope with migraines and having children and also massive responsibilities I needed the migraine to subside. After a completing a yoga class and the Nurofen taking its full effect I felt incredible, lots of energy, light and free! I was at last feeling the buzz of the cleanse.
Day 3:
Woke up feeling amazing and light, really looked forward to drinking the Unearthed at the beginning because wow its my absolute favourite drink! I love that this cleanse has gotten me to start my day with lemon water, it really improved my digestion and started my day nicely! I did have a little more snacks like dates, cucumbers and fruits as the day went on. But overall felt great!
The obvious benefits that I have seen so far!
- Greater awareness of my unhealthy eating habits and snacking
- Appreciation for more healthier and nourishing foods and how my body loved being on the cleanse.
- Sense of calmness and lightness
- My skin complexion greatly improved, more healthier and a natural glow. I believe this is because the ingredients in the drinks are so nourishing and vitamin rich.
The down side:
- It is hard! Especially the first day!
- Don't do hard physical activities on days that your cleansing I learn that the hard way!
- It is hard of spontaneous social gatherings are planned as you can't attend!
Overall thoughts:
I thought this experience was challenging but also an eye opening experience, especially because it really opened my eyes to how much snacking I do and how much packaged and processed food I eat even though I consider myself a healthy person. I also believe this gave me an insight into how my body functions when it's completely nourished and fuelled only with organic and plant based foods. I would certainly do this cleanse again I found it cleansing for my the mind and body!

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