5 Essential Skincare Products You Need On Your Holiday!

Oneofakind Admin
13 Dec , 2021

While travelling and holidaying we tend try and pack lightly as we are limited in space and weight, if your having a week away these are the top 5 vegan skincare products that you need to take with you while your on holiday to maintain your amazing happy and healthy skin! Even though our diet is hard to keep clean while on holidays we can certainly keep our skincare clean, vegan and natural!

These are our top 5 products!

Cleanser- This one is non-negotiable, a cleanser is needed to clean makeup, excess oils, dirt, possible sand basically everyday pollution! Cleansing morning and night will ensure that your skin stays clean and hydrated throughout your time away. We love using our Award Winning Hydrating Milk Cleanser.

                                                Hydrating Milk Cleanser

Moisturiser- A lightweight, easy to apply and super absorbent moisturiser is also a non- negotiable! All that time in the sun can dry out your skin so having a super hydrating moisturiser will help keep your skin hydrated, nourished and supple even through hot summer days. Our Favourite is the Award Winning Superfood Moisturiser that is packed with nourishing and organic ingredients but is also lightweight and non-greasy!

Facial Scrub- Due to our diets changing, increase in chocolate, junk food and over indulging, we are more prone to breakouts and also the heat, oil and sweat means more congestion this leads to acne so use a good exfoliator to keep your skin clean and decongested. A must have in your cosmetic bag while your on holidays!

Sunscreen- DON'T FORGET you need this for obvious reasons so add this to your list, we love the Naked Sundays 50plus collagen sunscreen, it pairs really well with the Superfood Moisturiser as both products are lightweight and absorbent. We love Naked Sundays Glow Creme  we highly recommend this one and use it daily.

Aloe Vera Gel- Even though you may be super careful with your sun exposure, sunscreen and sun protection you make still have the accidental sun mishap and get sun burnt, applying aloe vera gel can be cooling and also healing, aim to use an aloe vera gel that contains natural ingredients!

There you are, you 5 must have vegan skincare items that are must haves while your on holidays, these products will be sure to keep your skin healthy and glowly throughout your summer holiday. 

Keep Smiling!

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