Why You Should Choose Vegan Skincare!

Oneofakind Admin
10 Mar , 2021

What is Vegan Skincare?

The term "Vegan" Really has been buzzing around lately! It is the new "Kale" or "Green Smoothie". The question is , is it really what it is all cracked up to be? I am talking about Vegan Skincare not the Vegan diet because that's a whole other topic! 

But Vegan Skincare really is awesome, it is just skincare that has not been tested on animals, does not contain any animal products and is completely free from any any animal exploitation. This is very important to us, here at One of A Kind Skincare our values go back to being kind in all aspects in life so our skincare had to embody this, hence why our skincare range is 100 percent Vegan!

What Does Vegan Skincare Mean for You!

The best part that our Vegan Skincare Range brings is all our products are made in Australia so our products have native Australian Ingredients such as Kakadu Plum, Australian Lemon Myrtle and Lavender Flower. So each product is loaded with beautiful ingredients, perfectly crafted and brimming with potent and active ingredients that will help nourish and benefit your skin.

What Does Vegan Skincare Mean to the Animals?

hmmmm... I guess that is an obvious one, they are not being exploited, tested on or used in the manufacturing of skincare products. In the past, this has been an issue and massive cosmetic brands and skincare companies were pulled up on it and truthfully would you even want to purchase a cosmetic item knowing it was tested on an animal. Luckily, scientific advances have meant that there are a multitude of known and safe natural, plant derived ingredients that can be used in skincare products that do not require testing on any living creature. I am so saddened to know that years and years of pain was subjected to living creatures for sometimes superficial products. I am so proud to know that our products are ethical and are 100 percent Cruelty Free.

What does Vegan Skincare Mean to the Environment? 

It is so amazing to see that brands are adopting a more environmentally sustainable approach to their business. Vegan Skincare brands in particular such as ours are even more focused on the environment and how little footprints make an impact. In a world where ecosystems are compromised, pollution is amplified and excessive waste is piling up in landfill. Such massive impacts create dangerous shifts in the delicate balance of our ecosystem. So rest can be assured that Vegan Skincare brands such as One of a Kind Skincare ensures that everything from sourcing to packaging is eco-friendly and more sustainable. We do this  by choosing ingredients that are renewable, using minimal and compostable packaging. Everything matters because it all plays a role in the bigger picture. 

So Vegan Skincare really is the way to go, we have created some pretty amazing Skincare products that do not compromise on quality or style. It really is the bees knees! Check it out https://www.oneofakindskin.com.au

And yes! 100 Percent Vegan, Cruelty Free, Australian Made and Ships directly from Sydney!



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