How to Layer Skincare Products for a Glowy Face!

Oneofakind Admin
09 Jan , 2022

Layering skincare products should be an art form! It is an important part of ensuring your skin receives all the goodness from all your products. Here are our tips when layering your skincare products to give you the best results day and night!

Patch Test Babe!

Firstly, ensure you always patch test your products when your first purchase them, it is so tempting to just slather them all over your face but patch testing will always be of benefit. Apply a small sample along your jawline and check for irritation over a 24 hour period before using all over your gorgeous face.

Thinnest to Thickest!

When applying your skincare routine your products should go from thinnest to thickest when it comes to texture, so watery products should go on first that is your cleanser, toner and serum and thicker products like moisturisers or PM masks should go on last.

Exfoliating is essential with a capital E, however not daily as this can cause breakouts from over stimulating the skin which strips skin and disrupts the ph balance, go for exfoliating once a week! This step goes just after the toner, serum if you wish and lock it all in with a moisturiser. 

Layering Products in the AM:

We know that theres a million things to do in the AM so keeping it simple is the best way to stay on top of your skin game. Here is our simple and easy skincare routine in the morning!

1. Obviously brush your teeth! 

2. Cleanse (cleanse your skin from sweat, dirt and germs that can be found on your pillow) we love using the Hydrating Milk Cleanser and yes it totally has won some awards!

3. Tone, don't underestimate the power of a toner it works a charm and smooths out your complexion. Check out the Antioxidant Mist is is the best and alcohol free!

4. Moisturise- Our Superfood Moisturiser is best selling product in our range also is an award winner check it out here!

5. Sunscreen

Layering Products in the PM:

This is where the skincare party starts!

1. Cleanse your face, twice if your wear makeup or sunscreen!

2. Tone

3. Exfoliate ( once a week or twice if you really really want to)

4. Serum or oil

5. Moisturise

Keeping a consistent routine really will guarantee you amazing and glowy skin. Along with a healthy diet and adequate hydration throughout the day and your winning girl!

Yay for glowing skin!

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