How I Kicked My Nail Biting Habit!

Oneofakind Admin
11 Jan , 2022

Nail biting has been apart of my life for as long as I can remember, it was something I always did and found myself nail biting even more when I am anxious, stressed or nervous. I hated the way may nails looked, I felt gross, I would wear nice rings but they just never looked nice on my hands and fingers that looked beaten up by a lawn mower, skin was peeling, nails were short it was just nasty. I don't know how I decided that enough was enough but I think discovering Hanami Nail Polish was it for me, the fact it was water permeable, natural ingredients and plant based really made it appealing to me, but what was more appealing was the idea that I could finally have nice nails.

What Products I used to Kick my Nail Biting Habit!

The best and most effective product that really helped me was the Nail Repair and Rescue Care Kit that we stock from Hanami, I wholeheartedly love this product, it works and I saw results within 2 weeks. Basically you apply both the Rescue Me Oil on first to clean nails and massage into your cuticles and nails then apply the Repair Me Gel after allow to dry and allow the polishes to work their magic. 

In between, as I started seeing growth I began to love painting my nails and would go to the nail salon with my plant polishes, my favourite colours were Snow White and Pony, I would get a manicure and then apply the polishes without a top coat, I really wanted the polish to be as natural as possible and I felt this really helped my nails grow. 

I took a collagen supplement which we also stock from Edible Earth, I really feel like this helped my nail stay strong as in the past, whenever I tried to grow my nails they would chip and break. This problem didn't happen this time and I believe this is because I used both the collagen as well as the Nail Rescue Kit.

How I Feel Now About My Nails:

I love them, I never realised what a difference it would make to my life, I know how small this might be, but it really has boosted my confidence, I no longer hide my hands and just love accessorising and applying different colours, it just has made a difference to how I feel and has allowed me to have a cleaner and neater appearance. If you are in the nail biting boat, I highly recommend kicking the habit and seeing what an amazing difference it will make to your life and self-esteem!

How long did it take to grow my nails?

I saw an instant difference within two weeks but as the weeks started passing the results increased significantly, I highly recommend getting a manicure in between to make sure your nails look great and have that clean look.

Check out my progress photos!

 1st photo of my nails.   nail progress photo 2   nails now

Nails when I first started in my journey till now, I started my nail journey on the 13th of November 2021 and last photo taken was on the 11th of January 2022.

I hope this helps anyone out there, you can do it too!

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