How to Achieve Your Best Skin Yet! Step by Step Guide!

Oneofakind Admin
27 May , 2021

How to Achieve Your Best Skin yet! Step by Step Guide!

We have been receiving a lot of questions lately about what the steps are when  using our amazing skincare range, but also how to achieve glowy and healthy skin! These are our tips! You can't go wrong, they are so simple and easy! 

Let's go!

Step One! Cleanse!

We recommend  cleansing morning and night before bed! Why morning you may ask! Well as you are sleeping your collecting bacteria, dirt and oils from your pillow. Your also sweating so cleansing first thing in the morning is really an amazing way to achieve a nice clean canvas for the day! Cleansing at night is so so important and should never ever be skipped especially if you wear, makeup, sunscreen or mineral makeup! Double cleanse to really get rid of any makeup that maybe lingering on your face! If you have dry and sensitive skin our Hydrating Milk Cleanser is amazing and super gentle and hydrating!

Step Two: Tone!

Using a Toner is very underrated, I always notice that my skin is 100 percent better after using  a good toner, your skin will just appear more clearer, smoother and brighter! Our Antioxidant Toning Mist is super hydrating and refreshing, spray a thin mist on your face after cleansing and allow to dry before using anything else! You will notice a massive difference in your overall skin health! A lot of women also carry their toning mist around in their handbag and use it throughout the day for example after the gym or your workout, to give you a refreshing boost. However, using it twice a day, morning and night will really enhance your skin health!

Step Three: Serum!

Always include a good Serum throughout your skincare routine using a serum such as our Vegan Hyaluronic Acid Serum, intermittently throughout the week will definitely brighten and soften your skin's texture. Make sure your skin is dry from the toner then apply, luckily our serum dries quickly and is seamlessly absorbent so you can move onto the next step quickly.

Step Four: Moisturise!

This is my favourite part of the whole skincare ritual, moisturising is therapy! Use a guasha stone or use your fingers to gently massage the moisturiser on your face. Our moisturiser smells divine and will not feel greasy or thick, that is really the perfect consistency that you need for a good moisturiser. A moisturiser that is thick and heavy may clog your pores and may even feel hot and uncomfortable! It is always recommended to moisturise morning and night, when applying your moisturiser in the morning, apply is underneath the sunscreen!

Important Skin Tips that you should never skip!

- Exfloiliate:

Always exfloiliate once or twice a week, I like exfoliating my face in the shower, as my skin is super clean and the steam from the water allows my pores to open which I find when exfoliating gives the best clean. 

- Sunscreen:

Sunscreen, is an important if not an essential step in your skincare routine, protecting your skin from the UV rays is vital especially while living in Australia! Wearing sunscreen can help protect you from premature ageing and sun damage. So never skip this step and wear your sunscreen after cleansing and moisturising in the morning. 

- Diet:

Be mindful of what you eat and consume, what you eat will show on your face, so eating processed and fried food may contribute to breakouts and acne. So ensure your diet is full of greens, fruits and healthy fats! More importantly, drinking water throughout the day will also allow your skin to appear more hydrated and supple!

                                          Photo Credit @juliakuzmenko

All our skincare products are Australian Made, Vegan, contain organic ingredients and best of all, natural and clean as possible! We love providing you with the best skincare and we are loving your feedback!

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