Why Cold Pressed Soap?

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01 Jan , 2022

Why Cold Pressed Soap?

Other than the fact that Cold Pressed soap is pretty to look it, it is soap that is bringing it back to basics! So no sulphates, parabens or nasty chemicals that are going to irritate your skin! Conventional soap contains harsh detergents and are stripped from any benefits. Cold Pressed soap is made with natural oils like coconut oil, rice bran oil, avocado oil, castor oil and sunflower oils. Obviously, all of these oils are natural and vegan and come from natural sources therefore are incredibly beneficial to the skin. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and absorbs everything we expose our skin to. Imagine how many times we wash our hands a day, how many times our skin is in contact with chemicals! Gets you thinking huh!

 Well, as a mum and a person who is health conscious I made the switch and started using cold-pressed, natural soap and saw major differences to my tired and dry skin. This is where the story began, it seems like such a simple household item but we use it EVERYDAY so it should be the BEST! Best ingredients, best clean, nourishing, caring and simple! Each soap bar that is sold at One of a Kind is manufactured in Australia, using gentle and naturally pigments, essential oils, natural oils and natural pigments.

 These are 5 reasons you should make the switch too!

  1. Only 100% Pure Essential Oils which are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and adds a plethora of health-promoting properties.
  2. Maintain those pH Levels: Important for maintaining the skin’s natural barrier, the pH is around 9-10 for Natural Bar Soap. That level is naturally alkaline, making the soap a gentler and a more effective cleanser. The inclusion of Coconut Oil in our soap nourishes and moisturizes to maintain the skin’s natural pH levels.
  3.  “No” To Chemicals: Antibacterial “soap” typically contains triclosan, along with numerous other harmful chemicals (including parabens, petrochemicals, and sodium laureth sulphate).It has been found that triclosan may disrupt human hormones (animals studies proved it did) and damage the reproductive system.
  4. Think about the environment: The very same toxic chemicals in conventional “soap” that harms our bodies is also causing serious damage the Earth. Because of vast use in conventional body care, dangerous chemicals are commonly found in rivers, oceans, and lakes. Think about the all those chemicals going down the drain we are responsible for what we choose to use!
  5. Glycerin Queen: Plant fats naturally contain about 8-13% Glycerin, which helps the skin maintain moisture hours after you wash. Our cold-process method ensures that the Glycerin binds with the soap molecules to keep the skin supple and without residue.

How to Best Use Cold-Pressed Soap?

We love pairing our cold pressed soap bars with natural sisal soap saver bags, these bags are made from natural sisal fibre, which is a plant and ensures that the bags are biodegradable. The soap bags increase the longevity of the bag but also help exfoliate your skin naturally without any chemicals that will harm your skin or the environment.

Our Staff Cold Pressed Soap Bar picks!

- Rose Clay Soap Bar made with Rose Geranium smells absolutely luxurious!  

- Natural Sisal Soap Bar our favourite way to naturally exfoliate!

- Peach Cobbler smells like a peaches and cream Allen's lolly so so delicious!

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