What is Slugging?

Oneofakind Admin
24 Feb , 2023

The term "Slugging" sounds pretty disturbing to say the least. But it is a term that is swooping the Tik Tok world, especially in the skincare industry. In short it is using Petroleum Jelly such as Vaseline, thickly lathered on the face at the end of your night routine used to help heal, repair and protect the skin. It is thought to have originated in South Korea where typically the characteristics of the skin are a thicker dermis, slightly larger pores and more importantly thin fragile epidermis which is more suspitible to water loss. When you don't have water in the skin you don't have a protective barrier. I have mentioned where this trend has originated from because it is important to note the characteristics of the skin and how this has an impact. 

Why would you slug?

If you have severely dry skin, a compromised skin barrier or live or work in cold climates, have had a recent cosmetic procedure or taking medication that is drying out your skin. Slugging is a great option to protect and prevent further water loss and dryness. As water loss leads to damage to the skin barrier and dryness which can bring a host of issues.

Slugging does not replenish or correct issues happening in the skin, slugging acts as a barrier or a protectant from allergens and bacteria, as dry/compromised skin is lacking this protectant acts as a natural barrier allowing your skincare products or skin ointments to work and heal the skin.

Who should not slug?

If you have acne or Rosacea which is Inflammation in the skin, avoid using vaseline or slugging your skin as this traps heat and irritates the skin further thus making skin issues worse. This means that slugging with a sunburn is also not recommended as this will also trap the heat make your skin more agitated and more inflamed. If you have Mila on the skin then slugging is not great option as slugging will further trap your pores.

Over Slugging can also cause problems to the skin just like over exfoliating can. It can impact the internal skin function and can slo skew oil production leaving you with issues and a compromised skin barrier in the longterm. 

What is the best way to Slug?

1. Hydrating water based serum or cleanse

2. Your Favourite moisturiser

3.  Medicated Ointment, Serum, whatever has been prescribed to heal your skin

4. Apply thick layer of vaseline to keep all products locked in.


If you have normal/oily skin this is not something you need or should try as it would cause more harm than any good. However, if your skin barrier is dry, flakey, compromised then slugging might be a good start to help protect your skin barrier and help it heal. Overall, it is a band aide solution so should be used with caution.


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