How To Look After Your Skin in your 20's!

Oneofakind Admin
02 Mar , 2022

Oh your 20's is such a fun time, your skin is supple, smooth and youthful for the most part, you may be experiencing the occasional breakout here and there which may make you forget that at some point closer to 30's your main worry will be dry skin and wrinkles. But for now, these are my top tips for looking after your skin in your 20's!

1. Do not cheap out on your skincare products!

When it comes to skincare you need to opt for the best, you cannot cut corners or opt for cheaper, toxic-laden skincare products. At this stage in your life, your skin requires quality, natural ingredients that are going to help your skin thrive and remain healthy and viable for years to come. Use gentle products and try your best not to use retinol or highly active ingredients as they can really harm the skin barrier and cause issues in the future, leave those strong ingredients for when you are older they will come in handy then. But for now, protection and prevention is key and using gentle, natural ingredients can help you maintain healthy skin for years to come.

2. Sunscreen! ALWAYS Sunscreen!

Something I wish I used more in my 20's is sunscreen, it would have saved my skin, reduced a world of freckles and sunspots. Now, sunscreen is widely available and many brands now offering sunscreen that is lightweight, scentless and absorbent. Using sunscreen daily will help protect your skin from the harsh sunlight and also prevent sun spots, wrinkles and dry skin that are all results from increased sun exposure.

3. Your 20's Skincare Routine!


- Cleanse 

- Tone

- Moisturise and SPF


- Cleanse and wash off your makeup and wash the day away!

- Exfoliate your skin once a week

- Tone

- Moisturise

Final Thoughts!

Your 20's is the best time to protect and prevent your skin, giving your skin the best ingredients as well as avoiding sun exposure to give your skin the best opportunity to thrive and remain youthful and supple for years to come!

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