How to Look After Your skin Before and After the Gym?

Oneofakind Admin
06 Feb , 2022

If your a gal that works out at the gym the you have probably wondered or questioned "how do I look after my skin during or after a workout" the combination of sweat and pollution from gym equipment and mats can be easily be a breeding ground for acne, oily skin and breakouts. We got you covered these are some easy and quick tips to keep your skin flawless while also keeping your body and mind fit.

1. Keep your morning skin routine in check so cleanse, tone, moisturise and don't forget to use SPF!

2. Avoid wearing foundation, concealer and heavy makeup to the gym but if you really want to use some coverage use a mineral powder as that is a lighter option.

3. While working out avoid putting your face on any yoga mats, gym mats or the floor during your workout.

4. Whatever you do, avoid touching your face, as during your time at the time, you are exposed to alot of germs and bacteria and you don't want to spread the bacteria all over your face.

5. If you are able to wash or cleanse your face after a workout that will really help keep your skin clean and fresh especially after a sweaty workout. 

6. After a long day, ensure you remain consistent with your nightly skincare routine as this will help revitalise and nourish your skin. 

Above all enjoy your workout as keeping fit and active helps keep your skin alive and youthful!

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