Glow Youth Elixir  Marine Beauty Collagen + Vitamin C 200g
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Glow Youth Elixir Marine Beauty Collagen + Vitamin C 200g

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Meet GLOW Youth elixir! One of Australia's original collagen for hair and skin with vitamin C. Curated for use at any age and stage of life to nourish strong growing bodies, immunity, skin, gut microbiome and overall wellbeing, for the whole family, naturally. Youth elixir has proven results for preventing hair loss and helps in hair growth. Beauty marine collagen is also recommended for skin rejuvenation and to make it glow like new.

Safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, Youth works hard fighting aging and oxidative stress from within, while you work hard creating a miracle. Every mum-to-be deserves that prenatal glow and sustained energy levels as her body changes every day over 9 months. 


  • Hydrates and firms skin to reduce wrinkles, sagging and pigmentation.
  • Lubricates joints and ligaments, alleviates degenerative conditions.
  • Fortifies skin, hair, nails and bones by stimulating keratin production.
  • Best collagen for hair growth and also prevent hair loss.
  • Best collagen for skin with vitamin C.
  • Repairs and soothes gut and intestinal linings alleviating digestive diseases, such as IBS, Crohns, leaky gut and ulcers.
  • Supports gut microbiome and immune system.
  • Improves digestion and absorption whilst reducing bloating.
  • Promotes healthy breast milk production.
  • Prevents stretch marks and supports post-pregnancy recovery.
  • Strengthens bones by stimulating osteoblast formation.
  • Increases lean muscle mass, healthier alternative to whey protein.


  • Reduce inflammation.
  • Fight oxygen-free radicals.
  • Reduce oxidative stress and cellular damage.
  • Prevent premature aging.


  • Doubles as a face mask - drink or wear!
  • Child, pregnancy and breastfeeding are safe.
  • Odourless and tasteless.
  • Dissolves with ease - no lumpy bits!
  • Pure, clean and potent eco-friendly alternative.
  • Keto, paleo and FODMAP friendly.
  • Sugar, gluten, grain and dairy-free.
  • Chemical, GMO, heavy metal, filler and antibiotic-free.

95g Hydrolysed Marine Collagen Peptides.
5,000mg Vitamin C.

Dissolve approximately 2 tablespoons (10g) into hot or cold liquids or food. 

Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and moisture. 

Always seek medical advice before beginning any new supplements. Elixirs do not replace a balanced diet. Shellfish free, however, use with caution if you have shellfish allergies.


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